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LaserCom Design - Mulitilingual translation and multimedia graphic design services in San Francisco, California
Multilingual graphic design company

Translation is an essential part of doing business in a culturally diverse market. Companies and government organizations are required to translate their marketing materials to reach their customers effectively.

Translations from English to Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Arabic or vice versa can be a daunting task.

The professional translators, graphic artists and technology specialists versed in print and online media at LaserCom Design work together to create multilingual marketing materials that are accurate and precise.

Your message must be in the proper context and layout effectively so that it does not get lost in the translation or typeset.

Backed with the latest tools from the leading software vendors, we are capable of delivering digital pre press materials with complex types that are compatible with your inhouse resources or any commercial printer in the industry.

LaserCom Design : multilingual translation services and multimedia graphic design